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earthquake??? and other things?

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earthquake??? and other things?

Postby shaka » Thu 1 May 2008 15:14 GMT

Hi, I am British national... well dual national with Dominican but born in UK and married to American girl for 9years and living in UK but i am wondering if i will be happy living in USA because London is one of the nice place to live but will i feel the same in USA? I have been many time but there is something missing that i can't point out... maybe it is because most of the shops are in one building? plus there is nobdy to admire in the street when mostly they are in the mall/store?
the fashion? I am really confused and torn apart... One another thing is the poison insects/spiders/snakes etc... growing up in Uk.. how would i know what is poison or not? im worried for my children... What about Earthquake? would i have to get insurance for those? or fell in the crack from earthquake..? is California hot all year round? One time when we were newly wed, we decided to break away from the whole family and took vacation in LA and i was so shocked to see so many homeless and junkies creepy closer to us once we got off the taxi with large suitcase.. we got back into the taxi straight away..(we were 19 :roll: ) then when i was in friend's car driving pass LA.. was lookin out of the window.. was interested to see what the different. then notice one guy looks so angry staring at me.. i just looked on.. the friend panicked and told me to look away quickly before the guy shoot me! :shock: .... But i did have great time there... but which part of LA should we aviod? i.e. sounding non american and gullyable when new...
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