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Links to commercial websites

Old or new? Buy or rent? Dealing with builders, notaries, agents etc? Try here for info. NO ADVERTISING - adverts belong in our classifieds section. Any property ads, self-promotion etc will be deleted.

Links to commercial websites

Postby Dave » Sat 19 May 2007 11:07 GMT

As you may (and should) be aware, we ask users of the forum not to post recommendations for businesses, and particularly not to post links to commercial websites. There are two straightforward reasons for this. For one thing, if we allowed them, we'd be swamped with self-promoting posts by companies keen to score free adverts. For another, they deprive us of potential income.

On the other hand, if you know of a good company that would benefit from an advert on here, why not encourage them to post an advert on the Bulgaria adverts board? It's only £15 for 90 days. That way forum users get to hear of a good company, the company gets their business, and the forum is kept up and running a bit longer. (After all, we've got to eat too.) So everyone wins.

Go on - you know it makes sense. :D
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Postby CR » Sat 15 Sep 2007 11:38 GMT

Hi, Im new to this forum, and new to bulgaria, we bought a house there last week.
To my point: Whilst I can appreciate you have expenses and a living to make, giving and getting advice from a forum depends on receiving information, this becomes quite impossible if links are not allowed.

I have been involved with several forums over the years, and whilst I can appreciate its dificult to eliminate self promoting from links to genuine commercial sites for advice purposes, it does render your forum pretty useless.
The solution as you see it (ask the company in question to advertise on here) is not really a viable solution.
I notice from posts and dates posted that your forum is not as busy as one might expect, I feel this is as a direct result of the lack of facility to give correct advice.
From my experience (Im a web developer) if you removed this rule and obviously removed self promoting posts, your forum would be far more popular, with a greater traffic, and your advertising rates being so reasonable, more and more companies would want to advertise on your site.

I hope you take my opinion in the manner that it is given, to help, and not critisism.
It will be interesting to see if you delete or allow it.

May I also take this oppertunity to say, the advice I have been able to get as been good and I feel the only thing letting your site down is volume of traffic for more current info.

I also think your advertising rates are very reasonable, and as we intend to develope bulgarian related business, I would not esistate to advertise with you.

Kind Regards

Chris & Rachael
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Postby Kay » Thu 20 Sep 2007 15:38 GMT


If you have any questions or suggestions about the way we run BE then please post them on the FAQ, problems, suggestions board on our main forum rather than here on announcements on the Bulgaria property board (or any other country-specific board).

The reason for this is that the same issues crop up time and time again. Rather than having to repeat ourselves across all the various boards, we keep all this kind of info/discussion in one central place. I'm sure you understand that this is a better way to do it.

I'm pretty sure it's explained at the top of every BE forum under the heading: IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ THIS... but perhaps I need to check that.

Whatever, if you want to discuss this type of thing, please feel free to post again in the correct place. Here's a direct link to that board for your convenience, and if you find that your questions or concerns haven't already been answered there then please do post again on there. ... m.php?f=31

I'm locking this thread now as we always direct people to our FAQ, problems, suggestions board rather than answering these sort of issues, which are frequently asked about, in an ad hoc way wherever they arise.

Hope this helps.

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