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Advice about my trip to Bulgaria

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Advice about my trip to Bulgaria

Postby comdis » Fri 28 May 2010 22:45 GMT

Hello to every one.
Well i was very lucky i have a met a person in Bezhanovo who offered to help me find the builders yards and so on, so from the outset i was on a roll. We had lots of things to tackle like the bad winter it had caused my roof to sink in 2 foot of snow on it so i was told. and all the interior needed doing from the floors to the ceilings. i must say that gips is total crap though (bring your own plaster from england) when painting the gips was peeling off when the roller went over it , It was so frustrating my friend was a diamond geezer as i called him he is out there now replacing the roof for me ENGLISH SYLE The reason i am rabbiting on is i need to advise people thinking about buying and doing things them selves.
1 you do not need to register a business now in bulgaria from 2010 just buy it like you would at home we are deregistering in July when we go back
2 try to find some one local who might be english he would know where to go for your bits
3 if your buying lans and there doesnt seem to be a drivway make sure you have some sort of acces .reason my friend bought some land near sunny beach and went over there (he is still there) to start work on the property and when he got there the local council told him he had to buy the adjacent land next to his so he could build a drive way to his property and the land is called common land so i have been told .its like wanting to lower you kerb at home your have to pay the council for it to be done he will find out today whats happening so he has been out there for two weeks and done nothing
I must say though the locals where i am they are so friendly i was worried as you would be about break ins but not any more
i was paying them 40 fags for a days work i was feeling guilty about this most of the time and give them extra god they do work hard fr what they get email me on my msn addres if you want any info as im not alloud to tell any one where to go or what to buy i am on face book and my noame is william jobson the old man not my sone in chatham pics are on there too.
once again i am sorry about my grammer coz my eyes ware really bad now with this diabeties add comment if you like bye for now
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