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Decisions, decisions...

Best decision of your life?

Have I made the right choice? Homesickness etc.

Best decision of your life?

Postby Vaz » Wed 5 Mar 2008 23:43 GMT

For all the people who have moved from the uk to Canada....

Was it the best decision of your life?


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Postby jessica » Thu 6 Mar 2008 01:52 GMT

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Postby peter25 » Thu 6 Mar 2008 17:43 GMT

Hi Vaz....
We moved here Jan 07 and I can honestly say it has been the best decision of our lives.... I mean, don't get me wrong it has been a very roller coaster journey to date and we have had to deal with problems along the way, but I have no regrets whatsoever.
I spent a week back home recently and despite seeing everyone again,(first time I have been home since Jan 07)parents, friends etc, it was great, but I was glad to be back on the plane to come "home".
Despite the weather being very kind to me whilst there, it just seemed so very built up , cluttered and littered I truly felt that I much preferred the other side of the Atlantic.....
Good Luck,
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