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how to become a millionare in romania

how to become a millionare in romania

Postby cristinam » Thu 16 Mar 2006 22:32 GMT

Come with a billion!
Come to Romania with lots of money.
Step no 1
Meet some Romanian persons.
Step no 2.
Decide to invest or create a business.
Step no 3
Get cheated and pay loads of taxes, fines and bribes to not even get what you need or want.
That is the way from a billion to a million.
I am Romanian and im shamed for what is happening to this country. My advice is: do not come to Romania
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okay, grow up already

Postby kv244 » Fri 8 Sep 2006 17:51 GMT

Honey, if you think that becoming a millionaire anywhere else is easy, you are seriously misguided. I'm Romanian too and you know what, life is tough everywhere. So get a grip and stop bashing your own country, it's quite shameful.

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Postby Mandrake » Mon 30 Oct 2006 06:54 GMT

Actually, I just spent a week in Romania with my Romanian GF. I went excited and looking forward to experiencing a new country.
It was one of the worst travel experiences I ever had.
I am an experienced independent traveller but was shocked by the shithole known as Bucharest and the dreadful level of customer service in hotels etc. The roads are gridlocked, pollution belches from the ageing exhausts of old Dacia cars, the countries roads are appaulling.
I was ripped off many times, insulted, verbally abused by other road users. The pavements are filthy and in many places it's impossible to walk on the footpath because of parked vehicles and non-existant parking controls... my list of complaints is endless.
Sorry for this rant but I just don't understand how such a pretty country can have such a hopeless attitude towards visitors... and this place wants EU membership?!
What a joke.

Brasov was quite nice.

Please sell me the idea of Romania because I could well be living there soon for a few months. It needs to seriously impress me on my next visit.
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Postby BrianSmith » Wed 8 Nov 2006 05:40 GMT

And that is just in the cities..the countryside is being rapidly buried under plastic bags, bottles etc..And don't even think of going into Hospital.....
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Re: okay, grow up already

Postby Mandrake » Sun 12 Nov 2006 20:07 GMT

kv244 wrote:So get a grip and stop bashing your own country, it's quite shameful.


I disagree. It seems to me Romanians have good reason to criticise their country. Many times in Bucharest, myself and my girlfriend walked past smartly dressed old women who would ask us for some money. I think my GF is reasonable to point out that this is a very poor reflection on her homeland.
I am very critical of many aspects of my own homeland (UK) and I don't feel ashamed of doing that in the slightest. One of the biggest problems in the UK is the apathy of the British, apathy about the faults and problems and I encourage people to complain more. It's how changes are made for the better.
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Romania made it into the EU

Postby DianaM » Thu 30 Aug 2007 07:42 GMT

Romania actually made it. And some towns look so decent that you might think you are somewhere in Austria or Germany (Sibiu, for example)
Also the level of services is higher nowadays. There are less people trying to cheat you or rip you off in the street. But, hey, there are lots of expats who try to rip off other expats here or they try to cheat Romanians as well. And you know what? I've been to Montenegro recently and in a place like Budva the price of 1sqm of land is 5000 EUR already! The level of services was worse than in Romania, not to mention there were so many things to criticise there, it would probably be more suited to write a book on it. But it was good and my bf and I had a splendid time there. We laughed and made fun of everything and discovered the people were not bad at all, they were simply progressing. The same thing is happening in Romania, things develop, but they need TIME. Of course one can't compare Romania to UK or Holland, but maybe that is the wrong way to look at things.
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Postby tippy » Thu 25 Feb 2010 13:43 GMT

Hi to all have lived and worked in bucharest now for over a year , i agree it is the pits , you get ripped off at every chance they have taxes fines etc etc they are totally lacking in manners service sector and dont want to work , they all just want to retire and take pensions from the state , well educated many languages but thick when it comes to common sense , after employing many paying good money they wont work , they have no anbition at all to move on and up , they suffer with one illness after another from a young age no wonder with there diet they live on rubbish it is poor state of affairs .

This place could be ok but they dont listen they are clueless !
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