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Dilema with 857 P.R. Visa

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Dilema with 857 P.R. Visa

Postby mana » Thu 8 Apr 2010 23:42 GMT

Hi First time poster,
we have been in Oz for just over 4 years on a 457 regional sponsor and have just recently got our 857 P.R visa. In the last 4 years we have worked on the same property in the same job, however the property has been sold twice and we have stayed on. The previous owner and the new owner are one and the same although the company name has changed, We therefore did 3 years with the old company and have done 6 mths with the new company. Our problem is that the property is once again going on the market and the boss cannot guarantee us a job with prospective new owners. We also should have to do two years with our sponsor for our P.R. However if the property is sold we cannot do that. Our question is will the immigration waive the time remaining of the two years or will we have to find another regional job elsewhere. What if there is none and we are out of a job?
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