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Visa Help

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Visa Help

Postby Welshy » Fri 9 Jul 2010 10:56 GMT

Hi everyone,

I have looked into the visa options and would appreciate some advice.

I work as a quantity surveyor (which is a profession sought by australia) and would like to work in australia. I have made contact with recruitment companies and they have advised that working holiday visas would be the best option.

One of the requirements for the WHV is that you need about $5k each. Is a necessity?

I do not have a job offer but from the people i've spoken to, the first question they ask is do i have a WHV. Can i just apply for the visa, wait for a job offer then go?

There are so many jobs out there I can't see that it would be difficult to get a job. Has anyone done it this way?

Any help greatly appreciated!

P.S I've been told that sponsorship for my type of job is rare if the candidate is already overseas
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