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ECA (Educational Credentional Assessment)

Here's the place to discuss all the red tape, rules, and regulations - the hoops you have to jump through before getting to Canada.

ECA (Educational Credentional Assessment)

Postby tchamou » Mon 21 Jul 2014 15:27 GMT

Hi there.
Do I need a Plumbing Exams in Canada before applying for canadian visa ?????
I am plumber and gas engineer (gas safe registered). I live and work in England. I am planning to move and live in Canada. Someone said I would have to take a plumbing test "in Canada" first and apply after.
Really need your advice. Any infos would be helpfull.
Great Regards.
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Postby Graeme » Mon 21 Jul 2014 19:34 GMT

If you are equivalent to the 'red seal' exams no need to worry, if not you may need to seek some form of accreditation to make sure your qualification is equivalent to the Canadian plumbing requirements. Best bet is to research the Canadian requirements and see if you match up to them, if so, try to find some Canadian accreditation company specific to your trade that can assess your qualifications and give you a proper idea if you would be successful. One thing to note is that each Province in Canada has different requirements for the different trades and you may want to check the requirements for the Province you are hoping to move to, it may be that other Provinces have easier or better qualification requirements for you.
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