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Where to live in Malta or Gozo?

Moving to Gozo with children

Can't decide where on the islands to live? Find out more about the best and worst places here!

Moving to Gozo with children

Postby cheyni » Sun 19 Jul 2015 14:20 GMT

Hi all,

Im new to the forum so first post from me. I have quite a few questions so hope im asking in the correct forum.

My family and i are moving to Malta end of Aug/start of sept. We had been planning on malta for the past few months but now seriously considering Gozo. My husband will be contracting in europe so will be just myself and the 3 children (15.13 & 5) until he joins us on time off (eek, nervous about going it alone) . I have been in contact with a few estate agents who has sent us property to rent that suits our requirements and as i've only been to gozo once (and that was only really around the area where the Ferry is as we just walked around for the day), im hoping for some info/advice on the areas. The ones we are more interested in are in Xaghra and Xewkija (if anyone can help me pronouce these id be so grateful lol)...

*Which of these would be more suitable for a family like ours? Socially for 2 teenage girls? We know its a little more isolated than Malta but we quite like the idea of living a slower/more relaxed life.
*Is there much in the towns? Shopping etc?
*Are they far (as much as is considered far in gozo) from beaches?
*Can anyone recommend schools in or around these areas? I believe there is only one girls secondary school on the island? Is this far or would they need to catch a bus? We wont have a car but do intend on buying one once we are settled in. what about primary schools for these areas? I have found recommendations for "the happy school" (?) but would this be in the catchment area?
*Is there many Expats in these areas?

I will probably have many more questions but for now, any info/advice anyone can give would be so helpful and very appreciated. Sorry again if im asking in the wrong forum.

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Re: Moving to Gozo with children

Postby dp600 » Mon 20 Jul 2015 05:38 GMT

I live in Xaghra(Shara)has everything you may need ,school,close to beach,many shops including Poast Office ,banks,close to Victoria.
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Re: Moving to Gozo with children

Postby gozomark » Mon 20 Jul 2015 06:59 GMT

Welcome to the forum :-)

Gozo is so small, that just about anywhere is suitable in reality esp as you intend getting a car. More important is the property rather than the town - I think this forum has members living in every town and village in Gozo :-)
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