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Do You Run A UK Ltd Company From Overseas?

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Do You Run A UK Ltd Company From Overseas?

Postby RayS » Fri 2 Dec 2011 10:27 GMT

Dealing with HMRC can be a pain at the best of times but when you are overseas, the time differences and physical remoteness can render interaction almost impossible.

This is made worse now that HMRC are starting to target small businesses in their "Business Records Check". HMRC (read Government here!) are struggling for money and so they have adopted the mindset that people who run small businesses cannot/will not deal properly with their responsibilities regarding record keeping and therefore, as a consequence, a rich pot of undeclared tax is just waiting to be harvested from each and every small business.

Not everyone can jump on a plane at HMRC's whim and attend a series of meetings to prove the records are full and accurate, and not everyone can co-ordinate with their accountant to be at each meeting. Costs alone can prevent this but also some UK accountants tend to treat non-resident directors of UK companies as a bit remote, and therefore a slightly second class client not worthy of their full attentions.

Have you found this at all? A number of our clients did before they joined us. Those clients run various types of business in countries from France to the Phillipines. Some have property they left here in the the "safe" care of agents and a few were having issues getting rents from the agents. Again, the remoteness of clients from the UK leads unscrupulous individuals here to think they can treat non-residents in a substandard way.

So, if you need a professional presence here in the UK, fully qualified, insured and accountable, please ring/skype/email/text and I will explain how your business can benefit as 6 star clients of our business. (cheesy I know but 5* service simply isn't good enough for any of our clients).

If you need help with HMRC, contact me... if you need help with reducing your UK tax burden, contact me.. if you just want to bounce ideas off me, do not hesitate to get in touch.

First contacts are always free and nothing is undertaken without a fixed fee being agreed up front. So - no surprise bills - no 2nd rate service - and spread your payments over 10 months each year.

Every client is protected by our practice wide Professional Fee Insurance. This allows me to get the best experts in to help sort HMRC out at absolutely no extra cost to you and to minimise the stress and inconvenience caused by any question at all coming to you from HMRC.

Complete peace of mind all round.

Ray Stewart

skype: cbserves
mobile: +447878 831169
office: +441530 223373
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Postby Kay » Fri 2 Dec 2011 10:59 GMT

Thanks for this advice, Ray.

You're right. It is a worry for many of us who spend most of our time overseas and run a UK-based company. We can't just jump on a plane at the whim of HMRC.

Another problem we often encounter is that people (HMRC and "experts") don't seem to know how to deal with us because we don't fit into a nice easy box for them.

We need someone "back home" to take care of this sort of thing for us. Thanks for your help.

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