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Bad debts policy

Companies who have not paid their debts to British Expat Ltd

I will add any debts outstanding for more than three months, unless there is another arrangement in place for payment.

Debtor 1:

PHD Media Limited
Registered in England.
Registered Number: 2423952
Registered Office: The Telephone Exchange
5 North Crescent
Chenies Street
Telephone: 020 7446 0555
Fax: 020 7446 7100

£250 invoiced in November 2002 in respect of an awareness campaign for HM Government pensions. Invoice sent after PHD Media confirmed that the contracted number of page impressions had been reached. Several reminders sent but no payment was received.

Update – September 2005

We recently contacted PHD Media again with a threat of legal action. They initially denied the debt, then offered to pay just half “because the debt was so old”.

We sought legal advice and were informed that we were entitled to claim interest on the debt as well as a payment for the inconvenience caused, bringing the total to £380.30.

We offered them a final chance to pay the original debt, which they ignored. We therefore billed them for the full amount owing to us, including the statutory interest and payment.

After further prevarication (asking us for proof that their client had asked to advertise with us – which of course is a matter for them and their client, not us) they have since made a payment of £250 which we have set against the interest, the inconvenience payment and part of the original debt. We continue to pursue them for the balance – currently £130.30, although this will rise as interest continues to accrue.

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