Audrey’s Pub Quiz 2

Category: Difficult

  1. Brahma, as creator of the universe, is the first god of which religion?
  2. Of what is demography a study?
  3. In economics, what do the letters GNP stand for?
  4. What is special about the British Guiana 1 cent stamp, black on magenta, of 1856?
  5. Which blue-veined French cheese, similar to Stilton, is made from ewes’ milk?
  6. What is a cicatrice?
  7. Give the name for a short-napped cotton cloth with a twill weave.
  8. A map which shows altitude, either by the use of colours or shading, or by actual 3D shapes, has a special name. What is it?
  9. Which Austrian psychologist and psychiatrist evolved the concept of the “inferiority complex”?
  10. What is the term for the secondary ring of tissue of a plant stem which may turn into bark?

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