Azure Window

Pic of the Week: 28 February 2016

Azure Window near San Lawrenz, Gozo, Malta

by Dave McMahon © 2016

The Azure Window on the western coast of Gozo, Malta’s second island.

Dave adds:
“The Azure Window is one of Gozo’s biggest natural tourist attractions and has also featured in many films and TV series, including Game of Thrones. Sadly, despite its apparent massive size it’s becoming increasingly fragile and climbing on it is now banned.

“Most photos you’ll see of the Azure Window are taken in brilliant sunshine. We weren’t lucky with the weather during this visit, which is not all that surprising as it was February. Even so, I was struck by how blue the sea was despite the almost total cloud cover – the photo above hasn’t been enhanced in any way.”

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Dave was bitten by the expat bug at the age of 13 when he went to live in Germany. Since leaving school at the age of 30 (with a doctorate in something so obscure even he can't remember what it's about) he's also lived in Bangladesh, India and Thailand, and travelled to most European countries (including several that don't exist any more, though he denies responsibility), as well as Barbados, South Korea, St Vincent, UAE, Laos, and many more.

2 thoughts on “Azure Window

  1. Sadly, the Azure Window collapsed just over a year after I took this photo, after a storm on 8 March 2017.

  2. Hi Dave and all.

    The window has gone but is far from forgotten apparently as we still get people asking directions on how to get there. Last weekend, I was out in front of the house for just an hour and had at least 5 cars stop for directions to it.. I say at least as a couple more asked for directions to Dwejra which is the bay where the window used to be. After I told them it had gone only one believed me, three laughed and one guy got very annoyed and kept pointing to his guide book.

    As my morning walks took me along the cliff top you see through the window in your photo, I have photos from both sides, which I will cherish. The rest, as they say, is history.

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