British Association of Removers (BAR)

BAR is the professional body representing professional removal companies in the UK. Their website includes information about moving house, within the UK, to Europe and moving overseas. They also have free guides to moving which you can download (in PDF format).

Their site includes advice about packing, insurance, and planning the date of your move. If you are planning a move you might find it worthwhile to take advantage of their free advice.

One thought on “British Association of Removers (BAR)

  1. Speaking as a moving industry professional, the British Association of Removers is one of the more trusted industry associations around. Among other things, they offer arbitration services should a dispute occur between a moving company and its customers (provided the company is an association member, of course). This is a service that few other moving industry associations offer. Our website recommends choosing a BAR member when picking a removals company.

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