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Category: Canada

Leaving and Arrival

Leaving We decided to leave the neighbourhood in style and so rented a brand new Mercedes. This would be no ordinary farewell, but a head turner. Wrong! Apart from making a fool of myself out in the street fighting with the onboard security system, just to get the thing to start, I discovered, surprise, surprise, […]

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Worldly Possessions

With the UK rented home being completely kitted out, we decided to ship some of our existing chattels to furnish our North American base. Here’s a strange fact. Your family will go through all their possessions and sort them out in two piles, those to be packed, and those to be disposed of. The former […]

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In the beginning

Klondike Pete’s Canada for Brits Pete and his family decided to up sticks and move to Canada for the family adventure of a lifetime – this eleven-part series chronicles the move. Invaluable for the prospective immigrant to Canada! A lifetime’s family adventure was what we needed. The kids were getting older and before they were […]

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A Land of Opportunities

Yukon Prospectors finding gold in Rabbit Creek a century ago must have experienced the same excitement as modern-day property seekers first landing in Nova Scotia. To say this small Province of Canada is the new Klondike is an understatement, for here you will find nuggets of opportunities just waiting to be picked up and exploited. […]

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