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Category: Expat Americas

A Land of Opportunities

Yukon Prospectors finding gold in Rabbit Creek a century ago must have experienced the same excitement as modern-day property seekers first landing in Nova Scotia. To say this small Province of Canada is the new Klondike is an understatement, for here you will find nuggets of opportunities just waiting to be picked up and exploited. […]

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Letter from Grenada

Hi there from the Caribbean, Grenada to be exact. No, not Granada in Spain, as everyone else seems to think. We have a bar in Grenada and one of the reasons we opened the bar was that you can only eat so much stewed fish and BBQ chicken! We have a Brit menu and actually […]

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Heaven and Hell in the Big Easy

"Someone once described the experience of entering New Orleans as 'being humped by a wet dog'. Ask an outsider about the 'Crescent City' and they'll probably reel off a brochure at you: jazz, blues, Voodoo, Mardi Gras, Creole food, graveyards and Bourbon Street. Now ask a local and they'll tell you about the heat. They'll probably swear too." Oliver Hennessey tells it like it really is in New Orleans...

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