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Istanbul: hotels and restaurants for the business traveller

"Here are my top choices for hotels and restaurants in Istanbul. Unlike the usually rather cheap accommodation and dining options in Istanbul, these choices are all at the upper end of the price scale and thus to be recommended to business travellers with a considerable budget allowance, or to holiday makers who seek something very special and are prepared to pay for it." A tour of some of the upscale places to stay and dine in Istanbul.

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Thai curry pastes (Part One)

"So what are curry pastes? They're the foundation for flavouring Thai curries. Now, don't start thinking along the lines of bad 'Indian' curries where you add a teaspoon of 'Madras' powder and hey presto - you've got a Madras curry..." Kay investigates the basis of all those beautifully fragrant Thai curries - the paste.

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A plateful of Thai ingredients

Thai ingredients

"Although you can learn a lot by eating authentic Thai food and from books (and websites!), I found that attending a Thai cookery school was a great benefit. Each day, the class started with a visit to a local market where we were invited to sample things as well as having ingredients described to us. This was a useful familiarisation exercise." A look at some of the key ingredients in Thai cuisine.

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Thai cuisine – an introduction

"The popularity of Thai cuisine has grown significantly in Britain over the last few years. Pat Chapman's Thai Restaurant Cookbook describes how there was only a handful of Thai restaurants in the UK a few years back and yet this number had grown exponentially to 500 by 1996." The Editor looks at the reasons why Thai food has become so popular in recent years.

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Forest on Tioman Island, Malaysia

Tioman: facts for the visitor

Julian Hyde's introduction to the Malaysian island of Tioman in the South China Sea - a collection of useful hints and tips.

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