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Arise, Sir Pterry!

We were delighted to hear that Terry Pratchett was given a knighthood in the 2009 New Year Honours for services to literature – a great way to celebrate 25 years of his wonderful Discworld series of novels. Sir Terry (affectionately nicknamed Pterry by his fans in tribute to the characters in his seventh Discworld novel, […]

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Dumber and dumberer

We’ve been convinced for several years that the Daily Telegraph has been diluting its serious content with more and more frivolous content to boost sales. (One of the signs of this happening was that Private Eye stopped calling it the “Torygraph” and – reflecting the frequency with which photographs of a certain British actress in […]

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Good old Pong

Atttitudes to technology vary widely around the world. One stereotypical view of East Asians is that they’re all really heavily into technological innovation, with the Japanese perhaps ahead of the field. But that flair for innovation is often combined with a desire to make technology somehow more human. To illustrate that particular point you only […]

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Strange survey?

Some interesting, if perplexing, results from a survey of 14 favourite expat destinations

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A nice little bonus

A couple of months ago we decided to treat ourselves with a stay at one of Bangkok’s poshest hotels, the Lebua at State Tower. (We reviewed it at the time – you can read our review here.) Having booked through the Agoda hotel booking and review website, we received an email a few days afterwards […]

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