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Category: Malta

Kelb tal Fenek

Peppa the Kelb tal Fenek (Malta's national dog breed) gazes out to sea and the setting sun on the island of Gozo.

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Gharb Parish Church, Gozo, Malta

Gharb Parish Church, Gozo

Pic of the Week – 10 April 2006 by Richard Dobbie © – used with permission All images are digitally watermarked – please don’t infringe copyright! Richard adds: “There are many fine churches on Gozo. This one is in the small village of Gharb.”

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Triton Fountain at Valletta's city gates, Malta

Triton Fountain, Valletta

"The Triton Fountain stands just outside Valletta's city gates - Tritons were merman-like creatures in Greek mythology. The sheer power of the figures couldn't fail to catch anyone's eye, especially as it was a beautiful sunny morning which really brought out the colour of the bronze and the verdigris."

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The skyline of Valletta, Malta's capital

Where to eat on Malta

"We'd booked a self-catering holiday with no idea of what food supplies were readily available on the island, what cooking facilities were likely to be available or what the local hostelries would be like - in short, we were going into the week blind." Nevertheless, you can spend a week on Malta and not starve. Dave tells all...

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