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Category: Expat Europe

Flag of Macedonia

Macedonia: the show must go on – Part Two

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) (continued from Part 1) A ride into the unknown I knew that I had arrived in the right place when that girl asked me, “Do you work for some international organisation?” In Europe’s new democracies, there aren’t many tourists, and foreigners are mostly expats working for UNDP, the World […]

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Macedonia: the show must go on – Part One

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Dedicated to Mustafa, Pasco, once again Alba, the Deutschmark, and MAD magazine The Obligatory Introduction (In no way related to the subject matter – what else did you expect?) What’s all the fuss about? The virtual makeover, I mean. (Click here to see what I’m on about.) Imagine […]

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The Pan and the Pope

Krakow, Poland – shopping, dining & getting around The title gives it away. Pope John Paul II, the city’s most prominent son, and Pan Tadeusz, protagonist of Adam Mickiewicz’s novel by the same title, are omnipresent in Krakow. You can hardly find a shop or café without the likeness of the pope, and Pan Tadeusz […]

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Little Poland, Big Time

A guide to Krakow Your travel correspondent – as if he didn’t have anything better to do between meetings and business trips – has embarked on a major new project for the travel pages on this site: a complete feature on Poland’s two capitals, Warsaw and Krakow. This project may lead us well into […]

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Sweden: Around the capital

This month’s column is dedicated to Mike, Kay, Alba, ABBA, and the CIA. The Obligatory Introduction (skip this if you only want to read about Sweden) British Expat’s gardening columnist Mike Clark has followed his own advice and set up a juniper powered whisky still in his shed. The attempt to distil something near the […]

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