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You would think a castle would have an indoor loo

"The North East of Scotland is home to a veritable feast of castles, both restored and in ruins. One which has been restored to its former glory is the Castle of Fyvie." Mike describes Fyvie Castle, owned and built by five families, including its own stately outhouse...

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An uplift for a saggy pair

"What do the adjacent castles of Sinclair and Girnigoe, on the outskirts of Wick, Caithness, have in common with The Valley of the Kings and the Great Wall of China?" How the World Monuments Fund is drawing attention to the imminent collapse of two historic Caithness castles.

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Tracing family and friends in Britain

You’ve lost the phone number of your best mate from college, you can’t remember your cousin’s address and you are not sure whether Great-Aunt Margaret is still living. What can you do, short of hiring a private detective? How can information be obtained when you are oceans away from those long lost special people? Telephone […]

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The wise counsel of friends

"Had cameramen captured another submarine volcanic eruption - surely that was it? Only slowly did I realise that the deep blue was sky and the monolith was a skyscraper. Somehow in those moments the brain filtered out the explanatory words of the newsreader. Only when a second plane swooped like a dragonfly and exploded in flames into the World Trade Center did reality reassert itself..." Liz Butterfield writes in the aftermath of the 11 September tragedy.

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Bisto’s Tale

"Twelve years ago, I found a Jack Russell, late on a summer Sunday evening, quite unconcernedly chasing a paper bag along the middle of a public road, close by the car park of a popular local forest walk. Fortunately, there was little in the way of traffic. So little, in fact, that the car park was empty. Totally devoid of any potential owners. And the dog was collarless and completely anonymous." How Mike met his four-legged friend Bisto.

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