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Category: Pic of the Week

Pine tree on the South Australian coast

Lonesome Pine

"It's autumn in the Southern Hemisphere and the Aussies have deserted the beach for a few months until the sun warms up a bit. Meanwhile, those of us that grew up in a colder climate still venture down on sunny days and enjoy the cooler breezes and ozone straight off the Southern Ocean."

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Walter sitting on a purple scooter and sidecar and wearing a toy British policeman's helmet

Not the local police…

"I took this photo of our German pal Walter at our favourite beer shack. He's quite a local sight, riding round on his purple LoveMobile and wearing his bobby's hat instead of a proper crash-helmet!"

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Nectarine blossom

Spring has sprung!

"Nectarine blossom in our garden today. The thing in the background is our chimneystack; it's a traditional shape for Lanzarote influenced by nearby Morocco. And 80% of houses - new or old - have them."

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A brightly-dressed clown tying balloons

April Fooling!

"The weather is picking up nicely here now (80s), so the street entertainers are coming out. Many street performers come to River Street, Savannah, GA. (USA) during the season and make for an interesting walk by the river. I was attracted to the eye-popping colour of this clown."

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RRS Discovery at the Discovery Point Antarctic Museum, Dundee

RRS Discovery

RRS Discovery at the Discovery Point Antarctic Museum in Dundee

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