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Category: Pic of the Week

Triton Fountain at Valletta's city gates, Malta

Triton Fountain, Valletta

"The Triton Fountain stands just outside Valletta's city gates - Tritons were merman-like creatures in Greek mythology. The sheer power of the figures couldn't fail to catch anyone's eye, especially as it was a beautiful sunny morning which really brought out the colour of the bronze and the verdigris."

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Facade of the Treasury at Petra in Jordan

Treasury at Petra

"Petra is an amazing place to visit. You approach down a narrow defile, or siq as it's called in Arabic, and emerge to see this spectacular Treasury building. It's breathtaking, and all the more so because it's hewn out of the living rock."

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A goat in a field of yellow flowers

It gets my goat…

A goat in a blazing yellow field of flowers on Lanzarote.

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Pine tree on the South Australian coast

Lonesome Pine

"It's autumn in the Southern Hemisphere and the Aussies have deserted the beach for a few months until the sun warms up a bit. Meanwhile, those of us that grew up in a colder climate still venture down on sunny days and enjoy the cooler breezes and ozone straight off the Southern Ocean."

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Walter sitting on a purple scooter and sidecar and wearing a toy British policeman's helmet

Not the local police…

"I took this photo of our German pal Walter at our favourite beer shack. He's quite a local sight, riding round on his purple LoveMobile and wearing his bobby's hat instead of a proper crash-helmet!"

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