Changing Faces

(Note from the Ed: Unfortunately the demand for this service was such that we’ve had to withdraw it. Sorry to all those people we had to disappoint. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted.)

Fed up with the same old face staring back at you from the mirror each morning?

Feel your image is letting you down in that important business interview?

Worried that you don’t seem to be able to hit it off with the men or women you fancy?

At last, help is at hand as we launch the FREE

British Expat virtual makeover!

All you have to do is send us a full-face photograph of yourself. Then just sit back and relax in the comfort of your own home (or bar, or hotel, or wherever you happen to be at the time). Our highly-trained, courteous and attentive staff will be working to smooth those wrinkles, touch up those warts and eliminate that unsightly facial hair to leave you feeling much better about yourself and how others see you.

But don’t just take our word for it – here’s a couple of satisfied customers as they looked BEFORE the British Expat treatment, and AFTER:

Picture of Kay with added facial hair, glasses and heavy wig
Picture of Kay without facial hair and glasses, and change of hair colour
BEFORE – Heavy glasses, an excess of facial hair and a rather clich├ęd hairstyle. A pretty tired image, I’m sure you’ll agree. AFTER – Our model has ditched the glasses, addressed the facial hair problem and gone for a much more modern hairstyle. Much better, don’t you think?
Picture of Dave with ridiculous long wavy hair
Picture of Dave with horrible hair and daft Jason King moustache
BEFORE – Oh dear. Looks like someone’s been overdosing on the Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen pills again. Let’s see if we can’t go for something altogether more rugged… AFTER – Oh, yes. Look at that swashbuckling moustache, the devil-may-care locks and the lumberjacky shirt. Enough to make anyone weak at the knees with lust, wouldn’t you say?

(Small print. Due to the nature of the software package involved, British Expat cannot guarantee that all shapes of head will necessarily give optimum results. Those with particularly long or round faces may be less than satisfied with the results. If you feel that your head might fall into one of these two categories, please say so in your email and we shall endeavour to stretch or compress your head accordingly.)

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About Kay McMahon

Kay has been an expat for nearly 30 years. She set up the British Expat website back in early 2000, whilst living in London and missing the expat life. These days she spends much of her time lugging computers and cameras around the world. (Dave gets to deal with all the really heavy stuff.)

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