Emblems and symbols – Quick Quiz

Just three questions this month as they’re a little bit longer than our usual quick five. How much do you know about how places represent themselves with symbols? It’s perhaps not as easy as it looks.

  1. Can you match the countries in List A with their floral emblems in List B?

    List A

    1. Mexico
    2. Turkey
    3. Nepal
    4. Thailand
    5. South Korea

    List B

    1. Dahlia
    2. Golden shower tree
    3. Rhododendron
    4. Rose of Sharon
    5. Tulip
  2. In terms of symbolism, which of the cities below is the odd one out and why?
    1. Lyon
    2. Edinburgh
    3. Singapore
    4. Quebec
    5. Nairobi
  3. Can you match the cities in List A with symbols from their Coat of Arms in List B?

    List A

    1. Madrid
    2. The Hague
    3. Leeds
    4. Helsinki
    5. Austin (Texas)

    List B

    1. Stork holding a black eel
    2. Boat and crown
    3. Genie’s lamp on a shield
    4. Bear and strawberry tree
    5. Owls and a lamb
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