Emigrating to Canada: Common immigration terms E-L

If you’re going to immigrate to Canada, you’ll have to wade through a sea of alphabet soup to get there! We’ve drawn together a set of the more common terms you might come across if you’re planning to emigrate to Canada.

  • e-CAS = Online status check for applications
  • FW = Foreign Worker Manual
  • GATS = General Agreement on Trade in Services, exempts some professionals from HRSDC approval for work permits
  • HRSDC = Human Resources and Social Development Canada (Service Canada, approve job offers to foreigners)
  • IA = Initial Approval (for apps done outside Canada)
  • IO = Immigration officer
  • IELTS = International English Language Testing System
  • IMM + numbers = refers to CIC applications and forms
  • Interpol = International Police
  • IP = Manual for inland processing
  • IRPA = Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (and its Regulations)
  • Landing = when you arrive in Canada with your visa/paperwork
  • LICO = Low Income Cut-off
  • LMO = Labour Market Opinion (means job approved for foreigner by HRSDC)
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