Emigrating to Canada: Common immigration terms M-Z

If you’re going to immigrate to Canada, you’ll have to wade through a sea of alphabet soup to get there! We’ve drawn together a set of the more common terms you might come across if you’re planning to emigrate to Canada.

  • Medicals = When you are requested by CIC to submit Medical tests
  • MOC = Marriage of convenience
  • MP = Member of Parliament
  • NAFTA = Free Trade Agreement to allow certain US and Mexican Business people HRSDC approval exemption for work permits
  • NOC = National Occupation Code (Classifies your work experience, important in skilled worker applications)
  • Off Campus Work Permit = HRSDC approval not required for certain students to apply for a permit to work off campus
  • Open Work Permit = No fixed employer on permit
  • OP = Manual for overseas processing
  • PNP = Provincial Nominee Program (faster immigration for some provinces)
  • Post Grad Work Permit = Initiative to encourage foreign graduates of Canadian Universities to gain work permits without HRSDC approval
  • POE = Port of Entry (where you land)
  • PPR = Passport request
  • PR = Permanent Resident/Residence
  • PRC = Permanent Residency Card
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