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Events and making new friends

male 23 on my way to live in you know?

Planning an event, or want to publicise a regular meeting of expats in your area? Please post the details here! (NB You may post dates and venues and details of the event. However, adverts for other websites will be deleted, whether or not they are commercial ventures. If you want an advert, we have various advertising opportunities. Thanks.)

male 23 on my way to live in you know?

Postby rocker84 » Thu 28 Feb 2008 00:40 GMT

hi, my name is zakk, im a 23 yr old musician/business man moving to dubai next week (9th march 08)

I'll be working as a business development manager for a big company by day, but in my spare time and on an evening I'm abit nervous about finding the following things.

- a cool place to meet young people? (i dont know anyone out there)
- somewhere to see live bands and meet musicians to jam with (I sing)
- a rugby club/ social team i could train and maybe play for? ( need to get in shape)

Basicaly im quite an out going guy and spend alot of time with friends here at home in the uk so looking for people to introduce me to the culture and lifestyle of dubai.

any help or contact would be awesome
p.s im a music fanatic! all genres metal to folk, i like a good drink and a barrel of laughs!


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Postby jamesdcooper » Tue 29 Apr 2008 15:15 GMT

hello mate, drop me an email if you get this.. im on my way out to Dubai in the next couple months and dont really know anyone either.. im 25 from UK, I just got a job with a property agent. anyways if you want to chat then im on msn and my addy is


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Postby Soraya Somarathn » Mon 7 Jul 2008 15:16 GMT

Hey Guys,

I am also heading to Dubai in a few days working - gonna be working with architecture firm for a couple of months and would be great to know some people from the UK. I am 24 year old female from London and really into travel, sports, socialising...and of course architecture!

I am a SKYPE person - my ID is: sorayasomarathne

Gimme a shout if you like!

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Soraya Somarathn
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Meeting Up

Postby cclack@hotmail.c » Thu 10 Jul 2008 07:58 GMT


I have recently moved to Dubai also, I am male 27, would be good to meet up with people to share our limited knowledge. Drop me an email to

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Postby Busy-bee » Fri 5 Sep 2008 10:21 GMT

Hi Guys,

I'm new to Dubai too. Got a job in Finance wont be starting till the Ramdan is over but already in Dubai to get to know the place & so on. Would love to hook up with guys/girls from home. I'm 26 year old girl. Just looking to make friends, as Dubai can be very lonely without friends.

Let me know if interested I'll give you my email.

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Postby Rachel123 » Sun 23 Nov 2008 18:02 GMT

Hi Guys, Ive also recently moved to Dubai from Bucks in England. Im 20 yrs old, havent met anyone yet! Let me know how you went about meeting ppl?? Rachel
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