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Events and making new friends

Fresh fish in town

Planning an event, or want to publicise a regular meeting of expats in your area? Please post the details here! (NB You may post dates and venues and details of the event. However, adverts for other websites will be deleted, whether or not they are commercial ventures. If you want an advert, we have various advertising opportunities. Thanks.)

Fresh fish in town

Postby digger » Wed 25 Jun 2008 11:10 GMT

Afternoon all,

Am sure there are already thousands of posts on this but I am movintg to Abu Dhabi in August. Initially its going to be only myself but in october I ma going to get married so my girlfriend can come and join me - firstly is this something we HAVE to do to live together in Abu Dhabi or are the laws relaxing? Secondly in the time Im on my own over their can anyone recommend good bars, clubs and social scene to occupy myself with (Im 34). Lastly I need some sound advice on where is best to live - bearing in mind I dont drive!!!! I am thinking of looking to do a flatshare until my girlfriend/wife arrives and from there we can find a place together. ANd finally salary - we are coming out for about 3 years with a view to putting some money away for a return to the UK - my current offer is £50,000 p.a. with no benefits - is this enough??

many thanks
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Postby veralynn2 » Mon 21 Jul 2008 11:00 GMT

If you don't get married your girlfrind will have to find a job so she has her own sponsor. It would still be illegal for you to live together but if you kept it quiet it should be ok.
Try and join The Club (though there is a waiting list). 'Expat bars' include the Captains at Le Meridien, The Tavern at the Sheraton and Brauhaus at The Beach Rotana.
Housing is a nightmare here at the moment so you will find very little choice. You will have to take what you can find.
Your offer sounds good except does the 'no benefits' also mean you have to pay for your own housing? If so you will find that takes a huge chunk of your salary. Plus it is the norm here to pay a year's rent in advance so how will you be able to finance that?
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