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Events and making new friends

NEWBIE - Calling all Abu Dhabi Mums with babies and toddlers

Planning an event, or want to publicise a regular meeting of expats in your area? Please post the details here! (NB You may post dates and venues and details of the event. However, adverts for other websites will be deleted, whether or not they are commercial ventures. If you want an advert, we have various advertising opportunities. Thanks.)

NEWBIE - Calling all Abu Dhabi Mums with babies and toddlers

Postby lemonbag » Sat 15 Jan 2011 20:22 GMT

Hi there,

My husband has been offered a job in Abu Dhabi and although I am very keen for him to take the job, I am very interested to know what Mums with babies and toddlers get up to. I have a 3 year old son and I am 5 months pregnant with our second baby, who'll be born in June.

I have read online about schools and nursuries and even the odd toddler group too.

Please could you tell me, what do you get up to on your average week? Do you go food shopping, go to each others houses for play dates and coffee, take children to toddler groups and/or softplay centres? Swimming? cinema?

In Wales here, we do all of this with my Son and I'd like for the varied lifestyle to continue for my son and future baby, I hate the idea of being confined to an apartment in hot weather with nothing to do but try to occupy a boisterous toddler all day... there only so much thomas the tank engine DVDs I can let him watch (and tollerate myself - ;oD ) plus we do painting and play doh and reading, etc... but I just need to know what else you ladies get up to.

I'm aware that in the hottest months, everything takes place inside, which is really what we do in our coldest and wettest months. are people friendly and welcoming? Would I make new friends easily for me and my Son?

Also, when my new baby is at least a year old (maybe older) I will want to return to some part-time work; is this easy to come by? I'm currently in IT in the UK and started with my employer full time and then went part-time when my son was born. I would not neccessarily remain a stay at home Mum forever, but I may change my mind ;o)

I really do appreciate any honest answers I get.

Thanks in advance and kind regards,
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