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Working in the UAE

Graduates with limited experience

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Graduates with limited experience

Postby maya » Tue 29 Nov 2005 00:29 GMT

Hi everyone,

Firstly I'll apologize, I know my questions a bit repetative...looking for employment in Dubai. But the thing is Im just about to graduate (with a BSc in Economics) and I've been searching all the websites which list employment opportunities and all I see is posts asking for over 3 years work experience. So my question is, with limited work experience would there be any opportunities in Dubai for me?
Do companies in Dubai train employees or do they just hire the workers with the relevant work experience.

Thanks guys.
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Work Experience

Postby goravrama » Sun 30 Jul 2006 20:47 GMT

It is true that candidates with limited experience are fretted upon here in the U.A.E., and generally vacancies are indeed for more experienced candidates. Therefore, I would definitely suggest looking into working for a few years in the UK and then bringing your skills and experience to Dubai, since your pay package would probably be a whole lot more if you go about it that way. This is because entry-level positions in Dubai really pay extremely low and I have seen this first-hand, although as a Western expatriate, you are almost guaranteed a good amount of money here. I really hope this helps.
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