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Working in the UAE

Teaching Assistant jobs and training?

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Teaching Assistant jobs and training?

Postby Ravs » Sun 8 Feb 2009 16:40 GMT

My husband has just accepted a job in Dubai and we will be moving across in August from the UK. When we move I would like a career change and go into teaching. However, I do not have a degree so thought I'd try Teaching Assistant first, and if I like it, further down the line perhaps try my hand at further study and training to be a teacher.

Will it be easy to get a Teaching Assistant job in Dubai around the Jumeirah area? Any advice on any training or courses I can do in Dubai to help me move into teaching, or to start with become a teaching assistant.

Any advice appreciated on what to do out there, or in prepartion here in the UK before we leave at the end of July.

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Postby Victor Meldrew » Wed 17 Jun 2009 14:02 GMT

Find the websites (Google) for Jumeirah Primary School (JPS), Jumeirah English Speaking School (JESS) and Dubai English Speaking School (DESS).

Send them your CV plus a covering letter of your experiences, plus what you think you might bring to a job as TA.

Otherwise, call the major schools when you arrive/send CV etc.

Recruitment for TA's is happening now. DESS are definitely looking for TA's
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Teaching Job in Dubai

Postby realtymatching » Tue 15 Jun 2010 08:39 GMT

There are a lot of schools in Dubai looking out for Teaching Assistants. Especially UK/USA citizens have an extra advantage due to English being the first language. However, Dubai is attracting a lot of qualified Teachers from across the globe, and hence a Teachers degree is quite essential in securing a good Teaching job in Dubai.

I advise you to also send your Resume over to some of the Top recruiters in Dubai, including those who specialise in recruiting for the education sector.

All The Best!
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