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Working in the UAE

Managing UK investments whilst in the UAE

Here's where to talk about working in the Emirates. NO ADVERTISING - jobs wanted and all employment-related adverts will be deleted. These belong in our adverts section. This forum is for discussing work-related issues.

Managing UK investments whilst in the UAE

Postby louiscoke » Mon 1 Aug 2011 20:41 GMT

Hi all,

I've always had a fascination with the UAE and the Middle East in general, trying to travel to as many different areas as possible. When I was in Dubai recently, I was talking to an ex-pat friend who was talking about his UK investments and how best to keep track of them whilst he was in the UAE.

This got me thinking. I am an Investment Manager based in the UK, is there any special requirement for expats living in the UAE/Middle East who would like to have the benefit of a UK stockbroker managing their investments? If this demand exists i'd quite like to get out to the UAE and have a chat with some of you, and hopefully provide something that will make life a little easier, and help preserve and create that wealth that we all work so hard to achieve!

Please don't think this message is 'spam' - I am merely trying to find out if this 'need' that I believe exists, is actually there!

Many thanks,

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Postby Dave » Tue 2 Aug 2011 08:32 GMT

Hi, Louis

You're very welcome to establish whether a market for your services exists. However, I've removed the last line of your post. We advise against people posting their email addresses, as the spambots do harvest them - and if you're simply trying to identify whether a need exists, then there's surely no reason why that can't be done publicly.

Good luck with your venture, anyway. :-)
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