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Working in the UAE

Brit Asian Couple Banking Professionals

Here's where to talk about working in the Emirates. NO ADVERTISING - jobs wanted and all employment-related adverts will be deleted. These belong in our adverts section. This forum is for discussing work-related issues.

Brit Asian Couple Banking Professionals

Postby rosy83 » Wed 22 Feb 2012 10:56 GMT

Hi Everyone,
My husband is a Gujurati Brit and I am a Bengali Brit. Both born and bred in UK and now getting itchy feet and an urge to escape the high taxes, poor weather, alcohol fuelled culture that seems to dominate in recent years.

That said I do love London and really respect the UK and ultimately am loyal to ending up here!

I have seen some very negative mean comments on this forum about 'sense of entitlement from Brit grads' and how this means we struggle to get jobs etc

I have a few questions

- Whats a decent salary in Dubai?

- Would I expect the same income i get in sterling but in US dollars or UAED? i.e. joint UK income £100k (subtract rent and student loan and saving for a house is a nightmare in London)

- Banking jobs along the lines of middle management level, Business change / Business analyst / Market risk analyst?? not see much on offer on sites

- Are the days of the dream house, car, flights home to UK packages still available or they really over?

- Whats the best way to look for work? Online michael page, robertwalters, robert half etc seem to ignore our CVs and emails?

- Is Abu Dhabi better and can women work there freely? (sorry if that's terribly backward thinking but I know Dubai is buzzing and modern but other arab related places i find constrained and strict despite being a muslim myself)

Any tips wld be much appreciated, and please snidey remarks to a minimum (e.g. self entitled snotty brit blah blah blah)
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