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Abu Dhabi

Postby samsonite » Thu 17 Jul 2003 22:24

My husband and I plus 3 boys are moving to the Abu Dhabi area october/november this year. I have one big question that maybe someone can answer for me. Why is there such a difference in cost between british school (around 20000 AED) to the american on in Abu Dhabi (8000 and 11000 AED) Is something wrong with the american?

We are just trying to set up school and are a little confused to the huge difference.

Question two. Is reasonable priced villa's (85,000 AED) as scarce as the rumors say? If it is found is it decent. Not looking for a palce just a spacious remember 3 boys, safe, within reach of schools and shops.

Question three. Is it normal for people to bring dogs? We would never consider leaving ours but I am just curious if this would be looked upon as unusual.
Thanks! :!:
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Postby Audrey » Fri 18 Jul 2003 14:47

Hi, hope you will enjoy living in Abu Dhabi.
In answer to your questions, I will do my best:
1. The schools. I have never had my children inschool there, but know plenty of people who have. Both Al Ghubairat (the Brit school) and the American Community School are very good. I think it just depends on where you will live, and what curriculum you want your boys to follow, i.e British or American. As for the difference in price I have no idea as I have nevber used them. I can ask around for you when I go back (I am on leave in the UK at present)
2. Villas are fairly scarce as it is very much a high rise City. Having said that they are there if you can find them. As for Dhs85,000 I don;t know if that is normal or not. Some are extremely expensive, if you want 7 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms!! (no kidding) but smaller ones are available.
3. Arabs on the whole do not like dogs, but having said that I know of quite a few people who have their dogs, and cats, out there. You have to bear in mind the heat and the humidity for much of the year is very high, so if you're dog has a long coat it may not be too comfortable. There are good Vets around though, again the British Vet Clinic and the American et Clinic being two of the best.
If you would like to send me a PM then I can tell you of some of the other amenities on offer, depending on the age of your boys.
Hope some of this helps
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