education in Dubai

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education in Dubai

Postby wendy » Tue 06 Apr 2004 08:57

Hi, can anyone tell me what the education system is like in Dubai? my step daughter is going to live there in july and going to full time college. What are the college's like and are there good university's?
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Postby Audrey » Thu 08 Apr 2004 19:28

Hi Wendy
I don't really know too much about Dubai education, as I live in Abu Dhabi, but I suppose they are quite similar. I'll be honest and say that most everybody I know that has children (or young adults) of college age sends them to their home country. That is not to say that the colleges there are bad, but that is the prefered choice.
Have you tried a web search for Dubai/colleges-universities? I'm sure there must be something out there somewhere that can give you the info you require.
Sorry not to have been more of a help
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Education in Dubai

Postby goravrama » Sun 30 Jul 2006 20:42

Generally, I would say the education in Dubai is good if it is from a private institution. However, these are extremely expensive, and being a UK Citizen, I would not really understand the benefit of paying these high fees when education is available at a fraction of the cost to citizens in the UK. As for the top universities in Dubai, these include the American University in Dubai (a fully American-accredited university), Middlesex University (although this is not a full sized campus), and the British University in Dubai. Please note that I have mentioned the universities here that are western-accredited and hence give better mobility and prospects both home and abroad. I really do hope this helps!
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Postby SenSally » Tue 25 Nov 2014 10:17

Education in Dubai-

School Fees: For a good school, you can expect to pay over Dhs.25,0000 during the primary years, Dhs.30,000 or more during the middle primary years and as much as Dhs.60,000 for secondary school.

Get your child’s name on several school waiting lists as soon as possible. The demand for spaces at the more popular schools is high, and you can never apply too early.
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