Home schooling in Dubai

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Home schooling in Dubai

Postby DMum2 » Sun 11 Jan 2009 11:30

After much thought having been through a difficult year regarding schooling in the UAE and Bahrain, I have decided to seriously consider home-schooling my children, aged 3 and 5 until we return to the UK in a few years.

We would like to follow the British curriculum while out here. I would like to know if anyone is doing something similar.

I am a teacher and would like to find out more about what a typical week might look like and whether it might be possible to share teaching?

Mum from the UK in Dubai :)
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Postby dclay » Mon 11 Jan 2010 10:30

Hi, Check out [link removed by Site Admin - please read our posting guidlines to find out why. - Dave]. It is a good curriculum with teacher support, however American. There are quite a few homeschoolers in Dubai. Let me know if I can help further. Dawn
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