driving in Abu Dhabi

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driving in Abu Dhabi

Postby petecaz » Mon 26 Jun 2006 10:53

Is it necessary to have an international driving licence inorder to be issued with an Abu Dhabi licence or is British licence OK? Also, what are laws regarding child restraints in cars? Do any taxis provide car seats for babies/toddlers or do we need to have our own with us when using taxis?
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Postby fiestyredhead331 » Wed 05 Jul 2006 22:36

Uk license is fine but you will need to go to the Transport police dept and they will issue you with an International License. I sat my test in the UAE years ago...lol so I had a UAE license and an International license.
As for car seats for kids, bring your own, taxis don't have them. I'm not entirely sure what the legal situation is regarding restraints for kids but I've seen thousands of kids jumping around in the back and front of their parents cars so I'm guessing its not that strict! We always used car seats/seat belts but thats because we're so used to doing it back in the UK that it never entered our head not to use them.
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