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USA citizen would like Mexican driver's license.

USA citizen would like Mexican driver's license.

Postby JW Booth » Sun 27 Jan 2008 02:48 GMT

I read a post in another forum which describes how to obtain a Mexican driver's license (I'm a USA citizen and have a current USA driver's license).

One person wrote "One catch is that you have to prove you live at a Mexican address, which sometimes is not easy. There is no real mail in Mexico so showing something with your address often hard, the gas bill or electric bill are a few ways to do it."

and another wrote: "You will need the originals and 3 copies of the following documents:

A valid passport
FM2 or FM3
Proof of Address (i.e.: bill from the telephone or utilities)
Health declaration
A valid foreign driver's license
You might have to take a written exam in order to qualify for the license."

I will have a Mexican address and Mexican phone number.

The proof of address will be a problem for me. I could bring in a letter mailed to me at my Mexican address, but I do not and will not be establishing phone service/utilities services at my address in Mexico.

Is there any way around this? Has anyone managed to get a license without bringing in a utility/phone bill?
PM me if you prefer.

Thanks for any information.
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JW Booth
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