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Has World War II carrier pigeon message been cracked?

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Has World War II carrier pigeon message been cracked?

Postby Dave » Mon 17 Dec 2012 14:13 GMT

It doesn't look like it, judging by this story that appeared on the BBC News website yesterday.

The guy who claims to have cracked it has clearly done nothing of the sort, if the "acronyms" at the side of the report are his work. For one thing, one of the five-letter groups has to be made into six letters to fit the decryption; for another, he's taken the block-style letter "U" in the top row, third group from left to be a "W", completely disregarding the presence of a distinct W elsewhere in the message.

And, quite apart from anything else, the abbreviations (not acronyms) could have several different meanings anyway.

Either the BBC's bunged something together for a laugh (and I wouldn't put it past them), or the guy's a timewaster.

Edit: I see the original story was carried on the Dorset Echo... and picked up by that well-known bastion of responsible journalism the Daily Heil. :roll:
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