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A bit of Cold War nostalgia

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A bit of Cold War nostalgia

Postby Dave » Thu 13 Mar 2014 04:00 GMT

I've just come across this trash mag from 1953, thanks to UsVsTh3m:

Digital Comic Museum: World War III
(Visit the page and click on the "Preview" button at the bottom of the large panel entitled "World War III #01" giving the comic file details - you'll then be able to read the comic online. Don't bother clicking on the "Download" button unless you've registered with their site.)

Complete with:
- brainwashed zombie Red Army soldiers who can't speak in proper sentences even in translation, led by despotic generals who spend half their time gloating evilly and the other half bellowing with rage;
- super-patriotic clean-cut all-American boys and girls, plus the one token fink who gets shot anyway as just reward for his craven cowardice;
- top secret weapons being developed and rushed into production in days;
- and, of course, atom bombs aplenty.

Seems sort of timely to find this now, given the Crimea crisis. :?

(Edit: there's a sequel!)
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