Newsletter editorial, Sep '14: Minimal living

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Newsletter editorial, Sep '14: Minimal living

Postby Dave » Tue 30 Sep 2014 21:58

This month's newsletter editorial was all about minimal living: the challenges of deciding which personal possessions are truly indispensable, the advantages of making do with just a little, and the consequent dependence on communal systems.

How much do you depend on your material possessions? Are you lost without your creature comforts, to the extent that you'll turn down the prospect of a rewarding move because of the temporary hardship you know you'll have to go through first? Or do you deliberately keep your possessions pared down to a bare minimum to make sure you're ready for action no matter where it takes you, even to the extent of depriving yourself of a bit of fun during your downtime?

We'd love to know what your preferred mode of living is, so please join in! 8-)
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