Green for Labour? Red for Tories?

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Green for Labour? Red for Tories?

Postby Dave » Mon 04 May 2015 06:25

For those of you who aren't sick to death of the election (which may include most of you if you're overseas) there's an interesting historical bit on the BBC website talking about local party branches' traditional colours:

BBC News: Magazine - The seats where Tories weren’t blue and Labour wasn’t red

I remember hearing about some seats where Labour had green as their campaign colour, but I've never actually been in one where the usual Labour=red, Tories=blue, Liberals=orange didn't hold sway. And I suspect they're all homogenised these days.

Did any of you live in seats where the local party colours varied from the national norm? Better still, can any of you point to a seat where they still do?
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Re: Green for Labour? Red for Tories?

Postby gozomark » Mon 04 May 2015 19:15

and why is the US republican colour (color) red, and democrat blue ???
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