In praise of mosquitoes

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In praise of mosquitoes

Postby Kay » Thu 28 Jan 2016 16:12

I suppose I can see their point. If you eradicate a species there'll inevitably be something else to take its place and fill the void.

However, as someone who has suffered (and I do mean "suffered") from dengue fever in the past, it's difficult to feel any benevolence towards these murderous bleedy bastard* insects.

Have a look:

How about you? Have you ever come a cropper due to these dastardly creatures? How would you feel about eradicating the species?

*bleedy bastard is Indian slang for something unpleasant. It's such a nice turn of phrase that it can be useful to take the place of more powerful expletives. Funnily enough, I never heard it in all the time we lived in India or on the sub-continent - only years after in a novel whilst living in London.
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Re: In praise of mosquitoes

Postby Graeme » Sun 31 Jan 2016 21:12

Interesting read, but I still hate the little bastards.
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Re: In praise of mosquitoes

Postby Jadiejadecat » Wed 03 Feb 2016 09:51

I don't wish them to be extinct, but I am not a fan of mosquitoes
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