Supermoon views from around the world

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Supermoon views from around the world

Postby Kay » Tue 15 Nov 2016 14:20

Did any of you see the "supermoon"? We'd have liked to but the sky was very cloudy here. Oh well, there are some super shots from around the world here:

There is a brief one from London but it looks very cloudy there too.

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Re: Supermoon views from around the world

Postby Dave » Sat 19 Nov 2016 16:29

I saw it on my way to work on Tuesday morning, shortly before it set. Unfortunately it was quite overcast and most of the time you could only see glimpses of it through the cloud. My phone photo wasn't worth posting. :-(

I wonder when exactly it was that they started calling it a "supermoon"? I can't remember hearing the term before about five or six years ago. And as the planetarium director says, it's not that much of an increase in size. Nice to see, but not that rare an event - there seems to be one at least every 18 months or so.
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