Don't lose out on your pound coins!

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Don't lose out on your pound coins!

Postby Kay » Thu 16 Mar 2017 13:57

The new twelve-sided pound coins are to be launched later this month. You have until 15 October this year to spend your old round coins or change them at a bank. Have a look in your bags, down the back of the settee or wherever. Don't lose them. I've found about £15 lying around already and haven't even checked pockets and bags yet.

BBC article here.

Even if you're not planning a visit to Blighty, you might find someone who is. I dunno how many times we've missed the boat with old coins, but a pound a shot seems much more significant.
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Re: Don't lose out on your pound coins!

Postby Dave » Sat 18 Mar 2017 14:33

I'm just about old enough to remember the old thruppenny (3d.) bit. (The twelve-sided nickel-brass coin, not the tiny round silver one. I'm not that old.) I know fashions tend to have revivals every thirty years or so, but hadn't realised that the same principle extended to coins. Maybe it's a sign of the Brexit times. :roll:

The new £1 coin's only a little bit thicker than the thruppenny bit, and a tiny bit larger in diameter. I could say something about their respective values in real terms, but I'm sure you'll all have got there before me. :twisted:

One disadvantage about the twelve-sided design (compared to a design with an odd number of sides) is how you get slot machines to accept it readily. The clever thing about the 50p and 20p coins is that their sides are curved in such a way that any diameter line drawn through the middle of the coin is the same length, which makes it easy to design a mechanism to accept them. It's impossible to design a coin with an even number of sides in the same way because the distance from point to opposite point is always going to be longer than the distance from mid-side to opposite mid-side.
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Re: Don't lose out on your pound coins!

Postby Graeme » Sun 26 Mar 2017 02:05

I guess us expats who don't get back to the UK are out of luck then. I recall trying to spend a 10p bit (florin) last time back and was told quite tersely "not legal tender mate" my old thruppenny bits, tanners, bobs, even my old farthings are not worth anything anymore. I have a dozen of the old one pound coins from my last foray into the UK, guess I should package them up and send them to my bruv in Norfolk before they are worthless too.
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