Mexican Vacations

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Mexican Vacations

Postby Graeme » Sat 28 Apr 2018 02:55

Hola, I'm just back from my 6th Mexican vacation and I have to say it gets better each time. This time I went to Los Cabos (not so easy to get to from the UK) and previously I have been to Cancun (now more popular with Brits) Puerto Vallarta and Ixtapa (Zihuatanejo). The Mexican government encourages tourists and I think a substantial revenue is made from the visiting Snowbirds. In Cancun the main area is a long line of hotels ranging from 1 star up to about a 4 star (UK standard) The Mexican system of star grading is a bit 'loosey goosey' so look for the American Diamond awards or review them on Trip-adviser. Cancun itself has a bad rap currently due to some gang violence but if you avoid the downtown nightclubs late at night you'll generally be okay. Further south is the Mayan riviera, quieter with nicer seas and slightly more remote hotels this area is under developed for tourists and so some good deals can be had, it's just a long way from the airport (at least an hour +). If you are flying in from the UK it is probably an 8 to 10 hour trip just to get to Cancun anyhow and adding a further hours bus drive in can be a bit much. However, they do have Mexican beer (cerveza) on the bus so that's a plus.
The Mexicans do what they can to make your trip happy and fun, they are generally welcoming and keen to interact with you. Many of them in the southern areas speak limited English but in the resort towns almost everyone speaks English as that is how they make their money. The currency is Peso but almost everyone prefers US dollars, doing the conversion from Peso to Dollars can be confusing and from Pounds to Dollars to Pesos may be more than most can take. Tipping is allowed in the restaurants and even in the "All Inclusive" hotels it's worth dropping a few bucks here and there, what might be chump change to you is likely a good meal for them. A US dollar each meal is minimum, more if service is halfway good, a lot more if the service is funny or really good.
Like all Brits I burn like a pop tart in the sun so slather on that sun screen and wear a hat, even in the pool wear a hat there's nothing funnier than a lobster head on a flour white body, that definitely makes you a Gringo! If you go learn a few choice phrases, it helps break the ice when the Mexicans laugh at your funny accent.
If you have any questions about Mexican vacations ask away, I'll do my best to answer.
Buenos noches amigos, adios!
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Re: Mexican Vacations

Postby Kay » Wed 09 May 2018 14:20

This sounds fascinating, Graeme. And makes for a great read, thanks.

I have to say I'm a bit envious. You seem to have plenty of pretty special holidays. Our only holiday this year (and no others planned) was to Malta for the annual cartooning jolly which we very much enjoy.

We've never been to Mexico - yet - but you certainly make it sound attractive. I have a Mexican cookbook but that's not quite the same as going to try the real thing. Maybe one day...
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