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Talkin' 'bout my generation...

Talk about the weather, make new friends, comment on anything, pop in to say "hello". [Please DO NOT post country-specific questions here - they belong on the relevant country forum in the In-Country Experts Forum.]

Postby chabrenas » Wed 28 May 2003 04:46 GMT

Err, no, actually, I am way too young for the Rug, I thought you had to be 50 to get in there???

Long time before I reach THAT milestone! (Thanks God!:O)

How about volunteering for Headmaster of the prep school? or founding a junior forum, like Round Table vs Rotary? Now what would be an appropriate name for a junior rug? Towel? Dishcloth? :D
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Postby Squiffy » Wed 28 May 2003 07:08 GMT

H-D wrote:[quote="squiffmeisterThough I could always volunteer to pop in a couple of times a week and change the bedpans...... :twisted:

You'll be sorry..... it was vindaloo on tonights menu. :twisted:[/quote]

Nothing a stiff wire brush, a hose, a smarty and a pat on the head won't put right............ :twisted:
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