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HK's Believe it or not

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HK's Believe it or not

Postby HesitationKills » Sat 2 Aug 2003 05:13 GMT

In 1991, for the first time ever, companies spent more money on computing and communication equipment than the combined monies spent on industrial, mining, farm and construction equipment.

You're in Paris and you use your Amex card. Getting credit approval involves a 46,000 mile journey over phones and computers.

There has been more information produced in the last 30 years than during the previous 5000.

Computer power is now 8000 times less expensive than it was 30 years ago.

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Postby chabrenas » Sun 3 Aug 2003 06:09 GMT

....and the trend is showing no signs yet of flattening out. Sometimes, the arrival of bandwidth, compactness, speed and low power consumption passes a threshold which triggers a new application, frequently making nonsense of the predictions made a few years earlier. Often the floodgates open only when the regulatory environment changes.

Digital photography and communications bandwidth combined are probably the technologies that are moving fastest at the moment. It's not many years ago that the cellphone was a cumbersome, unreliable device which only worked around major cities. Now cellphones outnumber landline connections in many countries in the world - and there are mass-produced devices which incluide a GPS, a coloured display with a resolution equivalent to 1/4 of a PC monitor, an excellent digital camera which matches that resolution, and the ability to transmit the picture you juts took to another cellphone user the other side of the world.
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