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Postby Dave » Sat 9 Aug 2003 07:54 GMT

justajester2003 wrote:Dave, yes we do have DST, but i thought we did that in the winter?

Nope - other way round. The idea is that because the days are longer in the summer, by putting the clocks forward by an hour everybody can get up an hour earlier but still in daylight, and can get the benefit of an hour's extra daylight in the evening.

Say for example that you get up at 0700 every morning, and that at midsummer the sun rises at 0400 and sets at 2000. By putting the clocks forward, the sun will seem to set at 2100. Very handy for those evenings sitting out in the garden (or beer garden).

The UK tried going over to permanent summer time for a couple of years in the late '60s and early '70s, I think (BST became British Standard Time for a while). But the experiment was abandoned because of opposition from farmers, parents (kids going to school in the dark in winter) and the Scots (winter days being shorter the further north you go).
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