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Scottish Land Reforms

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What do you think about the new Scottish land reforms?

I'm all for them - give the land back to the people and get the bloated capitalists out
I'm against them - it's upsetting the traditions of hundreds of years and will lead to no good
No votes
I'm not bothered - I'm a townie/Sassenach anyway
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What the hell are the new Scottish land reforms?
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Scottish Land Reforms

Postby Dave » Tue 4 Feb 2003 16:28 GMT

British Expat Update 4 Feb 03 wrote:On the subject of tradition, here's a trivia question for you. Which
country in Western Europe has the most unequal distribution of land,
with two-thirds of the land area owned by just 1,200 people? The
answer, perhaps unsurprisingly, is Scotland. However, all that may
change in the future as the Scottish Parliament has just passed a
Land Reform Bill by a landslide of 101 to 19 (and remember, the
Scottish Parliament is elected by PR). The new Bill will give certain
communities the right to purchase from their landlords the land they
live on and work. Most parties welcomed the change, the exception
being the Scottish Conservatives, who accused supporters of the Bill
of fighting the class wars of 200 years ago and who drew emotive
parallels with the land snatches going on in Mugabe's Zimbabwe.

Having spent some of my childhood in a small community in darkest
Aberdeenshire that has now been all but destroyed by the actions
of "white settlers" – as we called the landlords who turned the land
over to forestry to get subsidies, or created hunting grounds – I
know where my sympathies lie. But some of you may have other views.

Any views? Post them here - or vote...
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